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PVC Tablecloth FAQ

  • Material: PVC with 100% non woven Polypropylene Backing
  • Width: 140 cm
  • Weight: 245 g/m²
We have a wide range of PVC tablecloths to choose from. PVC fabric is durable and will help protect your table from damage like scratches, spills and stains. PVC tablecloths are durable, long lasting and add colour, character and charm to your table setting which can become a talking point for friends and family.

The drop determine how far your tablecloth hang down from the table surface.
Most dining room tablecloths have a drop length between 15-30 cm. (6 – 12 inches), no further than to the diner’s laps. A more formal dining tablecloth may reach all the way to the ground, as will a tablecloth intended to hide unattractive table legs.

A good tip to help you visualise which drop length you prefer, hold a piece of fabric or paper hanging downward from the table’s edge. Place your chairs and other nearby furniture objects where they would be located on occasions when you would use this tablecloth.

The final dimensions will include the drop length.

Measurements that exceed the PVC roll width of 140 cm will have a join. We will try our best to match the fabric patterns but this is not guaranteed.

Binding is a piece of fabric stitched around the edge of your product for extra protection or no binding which is a straight cut.

No Binding
You can choose a round corner which has a slight curve around the corners of the tablecloth or a square corner which has square corners.

Round Corner
Square Corner
Easy wipe clean, to clean just wipe with a damp cloth. DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS ON PVC as it will damage or remove the print.
If you require a Parasol hole you can specify when ordering on our website in accessories.

Product Description

PVC comes in a broad spectrum of colours and designs. If you want your setting to be a combination of many elements, including the table
itself, a clear tablecloth is one way of doing that, as it will allow you to keep your table visible while still protecting it.
The PVC tablecloths are smooth, giving your table a sleek look. Creases will no longer be a problem, as the tablecloth won’t need ironing but
only wipe-cleaning.

PVC with 100% non woven Polypropylene Backing
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 245 g/m2

Our PVC tablecloths are low maintenance and are a durable alternative to a fabric tablecloth. This versatile table covering is easy to wipe clean and helps protect tables from any damage. Any stains can be easily removed with a damp sponge, and there will be no need to wash the tablecloth!
This practical covering is available in various patterns and colours and is a popular choice with cafes. The material is easy to store, as it can be either folded or rolled up. It is also suitable for outdoors table, but it’s advisable to not leave it outdoors if not used, as it is not weather resistant. PVC material will allow you to have a finishing touch on your table, without the hassle of washing and ironing. It is available in a vast range of patterns and colours, that will match any décor in your house. The material is perfect for any type of occasion, from themed events, birthday parties, exhibitions, outdoors dining and pic nics, to general decorative purposes. You won’t have to worry about spillages,scratches, and after-party cleaning!

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