Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin

Give your table arrangements a personality with a quality Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin.



Napkin FAQ

  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Width: 240 cm
  • Weight: 230 g/m2

Our 100% polyester, Luxury Plain Napkin is a beautiful, stunning, bright fabric that is easy to look after and maintains its luxurious colour and texture. Available in various sizes. This quality napkin is strong, durable, long lasting, easily washed and dried. Give your table arrangements a personality with quality napkins.

Overlock is stitching around the napkin.Hem is where the fabric is folded to your chosen measurement and stitched to 1 cm hem, 2.5 cm hem, and 5 cm hem.

Wash at 40°C with a biological mild detergent
Do NOT bleach
Do not overload the washing machine
Use short spin cycle
Low temperature tumble dry
Low temperature iron setting with steam

Product Description

Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin

Material : 100% Polyester
Width: 240cm
Weight: 230 g/m²

Not many people might know it, but napkins contribute to your table experience.

The right napkins make a place feel welcoming.

On the other hand, the wrong napkin can create discomfort at the dinner table.

Imagine sitting at a gala where the table napkins are too rough or have the wrong colour.
Express Tablecloths exists to avoid such situations.

We carry an impressive selection of fabric rolls that cater to a broad category of customers.

If you want simple but elegant napkins for your home use or you are planning a large formal event and require premium napkins we have a large selection of fabric rolls for you to choose from.

The range of napkins include Luxury Plain, Gingham, Cotton or Satin and much more.

Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin
You can have the prettiest and most durable napkins, but if they are challenging to use, those are simply a waste.

Any decent napkin should be easy to fold.

Napkin art is one way that you can make your table settings stand out.

However, the napkin fabric, size and design should be simple to work with.

You can make all kinds of creations with our table napkins.

Whether you want to make plain fans or intricate flower arrangements, our napkins make that uncomplicated.

Get Express napkins to help you decorate your tables in unique styles.

Table Napkins You Can Rely On
Customer’s trust is priceless to us, which is why we provide them with superior quality products.

We want your tables to look great, time and again.

Please feel free to check out our customer reviews on quality, customer service and value.


Decorate your table by choosing from a wide range of 26 colours that are available.

Request a Colour/fabric swatch free of charge.
This Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin can be used with different coloured products like a Dark Grey tablecloth, Purple runner or Navy Blue placemats.
We offer a printing and embroidery service.

Why not print a personal message onto your chosen runner to add that personal touch for your guests.


The fabric is very easy to wash and re-use, follow the washing guidelines.
Wash by hand or machine wash in warm water and the product will be as good as new again to be reused.
Get your Burgundy Luxury Plain Napkin set with matching  tablecloth,  placemat and runner.

Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin 16″x 16″
Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin 20″ x 20″
Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin 22″ x 22″
Dark Grey Luxury Plain Napkin 18″ x 18″

Add a tablecloth in Luxury Plain or one of our many other fabrics.

Mix and match to add that splash of colour to any room.

Cushions are available too in the 26 colour options.

Therefore, we offer durable table napkins that you can reuse without a second thought.

Express napkins are easy to clean and iron.

The napkin fabrics are top-grade to ensure that they can withstand regular use.

Whether you run a catering business or entertain a lot at home, you can believe in the durability of our napkins.

When you need stylish napkins that deliver unmatched dining experiences, choose Express Tablecloths.

Look through our selection of fabric for the perfect product for your setting.


We offer a trade account to businesses.

Please contact the customer service team for more information.

We offer quality products at discount prices.

All products are made in the UK at our Manchester based warehouse.

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