Ivy Leaf Pattern Placemats in White

Our 100% polyester, Ivy Leaf White Placemat, is a beautiful, stunning, bright fabric that is easy to look after. There is a delicate Leaf pattern embedded into the fabric. Available in 2 sizes. This quality napkin is strong, durable, long lasting, easily washed and dried. Give your table arrangements style with quality placemat.



Placemat FAQ

  • Material : 100% Polyester
  • Width: 190 cm
  • Weight: 230 g/m2
Our Damask Rose, 100% polyester placemats are undeniably one of the most popular, best selling products in our fabric range. The perfect blend of 100% polyester offers the same smoothness and classic feel of cotton. This elegant placemat is easy to look after and maintains its luxurious colour and texture. A quality square placemat which is strong, durable, long lasting, easily washed and dried.
A placemat is made with our table guardian inserted in between the Damask Rose fabric. You can place hot plates and pots on to the placemat. It is heat resistant to 80°C The placemat is approximately 2.6 mm thick and is highly durable

Wash at 40°C with a biological mild detergent
Do NOT bleach
Do not overload the washing machine
Use short spin cycle
Low temperature tumble dry
Low temperature iron setting with steam

Product Description

Material : 100% Polyester
Width: 190 cm
Weight: 230 g/m²

Our Leaf patterned, 100% polyester White placemats are undeniably one of the most popular, best selling product in our fabric range. The perfect blend of 100% polyester has a delicate rose pattern embedded into the fabric. This elegant seafoam placemat is easy to look after and maintains its luxurious colour and texture. A quality square placemat which is strong, durable, long lasting, easily washed and dried.

Our Leaf pattern fabric has a fresh, luxurious feel, it has a beautiful delicate rose pattern embedded into the fabric and is a perfect choice for Wedding Table setting along with Restaurants, Hospitality, Home care , Special occasion and Celebrations. A Ivy Leaf Designed placemat is also available in 5 colours that will blend beautifully with any table and home furnishings. There are a variety of table linen products available to add to your collection. Colour swatches are available to order free of charge.fabric placemat takes the brunt of the punishment during meals so that the rest of the arrangement doesn’t have to.
You can set placemats for the serving dishes, glasses and plates to catch any spills when serving or eating. Express Tablecloths has fabric rolls in an array of colours, materials and designs such as Gingham, Ivy Leaf and many more to choose from.
Apart from protecting the table and linen, fabric placemats can help improve a table arrangement. They do an excellent job of adding texture. You can use a placemat to provide a splash of colour to your table setting.

A placemat is available in 2 different sizes and finishes.
Choose a standard size placemat or design your own made to measure. We will make your placemat any size or shape you require.
The placemat will be manufactured in our warehouse in the UK.
Set the scene for your kitchen, having a Leaf Pattern designed placemat on your table will enhance your room, adding colour and style to your home, placemat contribute to your table experience. The right placemat make a place feel welcoming. It can be used alone or with any of our tablecloth and table runner range.Take a look at the products available for ways to plan and set your dining table.
Our patterned White placemat is luxurious and welcoming, making mealtimes more enjoyable. Napkins are also available in a variety of 5 colours and are available in 2 sizes. They can be the perfect finishing touch to your home or special occasion that your family and friends will love and admire. Adding colour can transform your dining area. Choose a brightly-coloured floral placemat to add personality to a plain table.
Our Leaf pattern placemat can be used for any public event like weddings, christenings, receptions, banquets and personal use, like home dining and entertaining.Use our fabric for a birthday party celebration. This colour is a perfect choice for adding that classic touch to your dining experience.
Ivy Leaf patterned placemats are an ideal choice for weddings, christenings, Hospitality, Hotels, Healthcare and Restaurants.
Our beautiful classic Leaf pattern placemat, which is part of our textile range, will offer elegance to your table and is perfect for when hosting that special occasion or celebration. Our superior range of White Leaf patterned placemat will complement your tableware and is always a perfect choice for wedding table setting, christening table setting, any special occasion or celebration that would require an Ivy Leaf placemat to enhance the scene.
The fabric is of excellent quality, it is highly durable, long lasting, and easily washed and dried. This fabulous fabric will inspire your dining experience and is perfect for adding character, elegance and charm to your table.
When you need stylish placemats that deliver unmatched dining experiences, choose Express Tablecloths. Look through our selection of fabric for the perfect product for your setting.

Table Placemats You Can Rely On
Customer’s trust is priceless to us, which is why we provide them with superior quality products. We want your tables to look great, time and again. Therefore, we offer durable table Placemats that you can reuse without a second thought. Express napkins are easy to clean and iron. Our placemat fabrics are top-grade to ensure that they can withstand regular use. Whether you run a catering business or entertain a lot at home, you can believe in the durability of our placemat. We promise you will get the perfect quality item for your table!

We manufacture and distribute large quantities of our products. Ideal choice for laundry and hiring companies.
We recommend that you create an account, with Express Tablecloths for your business.

Decorate your table by choosing from the 8 colours that are available. Request a Colour/fabric swatch free of charge.
This Damask pattern coloured placemat fabric can be used with different coloured products like a White tablecloth, Wedgewood napkins or White runners.
The fabric is very easy to wash and re-use, follow the washing guidelines.
Wash by hand or machine wash in warm water and the product will be as good as new again to be reused.
Get your White placemat set with matching White tablecloth, and Ivy Leaf White runners.

White square placemat 12” x 12”
White rectangular placemat 12” x 18”

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