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We also have these table parasols

Table Parasol Holes FAQ

Are you looking for an outdoor tablecloth suitable for a parasol?
We can custom make this for you by making a hole to your specifications, which will be professionally stitched and finished in your colour choice.

Overlock stitching can only be made for this fabric

Parasol Hole 5 cm is only available for fabric tablecloths. Overlock stitched around the edges of the fabric.
Parasol Hole Plastic Eyelet 3.5 cm is available in two colours, silver or gold. Available for fabric and PVC tablecloths. Please state your colour choice on the order notes.
Table Split for Parasol Holes – You can choose to split your fabric up to the parasol hole and have Velcro to keep it together, making your tablecloth easier to use.

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